‘Voices from the Open Access Books Community’ was a series of discussion-based events, organised by the Open Access Books Network, that brought together as many members of the OA books community as possible to analyse different areas of policy for Open Access books. These discussions fed into a summary document that was created by SPARC Europe.

A blog post reflecting upon the outcomes of the series isĀ available to view here and you can download the summary documentĀ here. This summary was shared with cOAlition S.

The raw recordings and notes from the sessions are available as listed below:

Session 1: March 30th 2-4pm BST/3-5PM CEST: Introduction to the Series & Scope Sprint (lead: Agata Morka) (video and notes available here)

Session 2: April 13th 2-4pm BST/3-5PM CEST: Quality assurance and transparency (lead: Jeroen Sondervan) (video and notes available here)

Session 3: April 27th 2-4pm BST/3-5PM CEST: Green OA for books (lead: Niels Stern) (video and notes available here)

Session 4: May 11th 2-4pm BST/3-5PM CEST: Discoverability and metadata (lead: Rupert Gatti) (video and notes available here)

Session 5: May 25th 2-4pm BST/3-5PM CEST: Rights retention and licensing (lead: Vanessa Proudman) (video and notes available here)

More information about the series is available via this blog post.

Contact us with any questions at info@oabooksnetwork.org.

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.