Here you can find a collection of resources on open access books for authors put together by the Open Access Books Network. OA Mythbusters This video series seeks to dispel a number of key myths around OA books. In these short videos, common statements are addressed by fellow community members, informally known as ‘the OA Mythbusters’. Read more. OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit aims to help book authors to better understand open access book publishing and to increase trust in open access books. This free and public information resource includes a vast number of short articles on open access book publishing following the research lifecycle, which may be helpful for those interested in open access book publishing. Access the toolkit. OA Books Workouts

This series is a collection of five talks with humanities scholars from different disciplines about their research and (open access) book project. In this series, they share good practices and innovative ways regarding the writing, production, and technicalities of publishing an open access book. Access the series.

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