Here you can find a collection of resources on open access books for publishers put together by the Open Access Books Network. 


Collection of case studies on business models for open access books

This collection documents the diverse ways that presses in different parts of the world have set up and now maintain their open access (OA) operations. The presses included have devised their own approaches to tackle the challenges of publishing OA books; they are structured in different ways in a variety of national and, in some cases, institutional contexts. These case studies may help to illustrate the reasons behind the choices made by the presses, as well as detailing the models themselves and inspire other publishers. Access the collection.


Jisc New University Press toolkit

This toolkit, created by Jisc, gives guidance to new university presses and library-led publishing ventures as well as those with a hybrid model, who publish open access and non-open access material. Access the toolkit.


COPIM’s toolkit for running an Opening the Future programme at an academic press

This toolkit gives comprehensive and practical information on how to establish and run a collective library funding model for open access books, called ‘Opening the Future’. In this model, a press offers closed-access backlist titles to libraries for subscription, and uses the revenue to fund new open access books. Access the toolkit.


The Open Book Collective (OBC)

The Open Book Collective brings together OA publishers, OA publishing service providers, libraries, and other research institutions to create a new, mutually supportive ecosystem for the thriving of OA book publishing. The Collective accepts applications from interested presses who meet their membership criteria. Find out more about the OBC.


OA Mythbusters

This video series seeks to dispel a number of key myths around OA books. In these short videos, common statements are addressed by fellow community members, informally known as ‘the OA Mythbusters’. Read more about the series.


OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit

The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit aims to help book authors to better understand open access book publishing and to increase trust in open access books. This free and public information resource includes a vast number of short articles on open access book publishing following the research lifecycle, which may be helpful for you and your authors interested in open access book publishing. Access the toolkit.


CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.