Open Access Book Programs: Answering Libraries’ Questions

By Sharla Lair (Senior Strategist of Open Access and Scholarly Communication Initiatives, LYRASIS)

The library community is looking for new ways to use the funds they steward to open more scholarly content. There are fairly established strategies for funding open access (OA) journals, but many librarians have been asking:

What are the opportunities to direct funds to make scholarly books OA? And how do libraries evaluate these programs to determine whether library funds should be used to support them?  Continue reading “Open Access Book Programs: Answering Libraries’ Questions”

Who you gonna call? OA Mythbusters

For this year’s Open Access Week, the Open Access Books Network (OABN) is pleased to introduce its latest video series: ‘The OA Mythbusters’.

Through this video series the OABN community seeks to dispel a number of key myths around OA books. In these short videos, common statements will be addressed by fellow community members, informally known as ‘the OA Mythbusters’.

A red box on a black background surrounded by white text reading "OA MYTHBUSTERS: A NEW SERIES FROM OABN NOW LIVE" Continue reading “Who you gonna call? OA Mythbusters”