About us

This group was begun by members of OAPEN, OPERAS, ScholarLed and SPARC Europe and is open to anyone interested in discussing Open Access books.

OABN Coordinators

Lucy Barnes is Editor and Outreach Coordinator at Open Book Publishers, a leading independent non-profit Open Access book publisher. She does outreach work for the COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) project and for the ScholarLed consortium. You can find her on Twitter @alittleroad.

Agata Morka holds a PhD in Architectural History from the University of Washington, where she completed her dissertation on contemporary French train stations. For the past nine years she has been working with OA books. She is responsible for coordinating efforts between two European projects focusing on OA monographs: the OPERAS-P and the COPIM projects.

Tom Mosterd is Community Manager at OAPEN/DOAB. There, he is responsible for communication plans, developing and managing campaigns, and is contact point for institutional prospects and customers. His primary focus for acquisition is managing the SCOSS fundraising campaign, with institutional and university libraries as well as consortia as the primary target group.

Where to find the Network

The Open Access Books Network currently consists of this website (https://openaccessbooksnetwork.hcommons.org/) along with a Humanities Commons group and a Slack workspace (email us at info@oabooksnetwork.org to join the Slack channel) for different kinds of discussion, sharing and engagement on all things Open Access books.

You can also follow us and contact us on Twitter @oabooksnetwork. Finally, recordings of OABN events can be found on our Youtube channel.

Contact us

Email: info@oabooksnetwork.org
Twitter: @oabooksnetwork

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