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This post, by Joe Deville and Judith Fathallah at the Open Book Collective, shares the rationale behind the OBC Development Fund and explains how you can input into the design of its grant-giving programme. The survey deadline is 20 January 2024.


The Open Book Collective (OBC) is a UK-registered nonprofit focused on delivering new funding streams to support a fairer and more sustainable future for Open Access book publishing. book publishers and publishing infrastructure providers.

Via a unique consortial funding model, the OBC’s library members help support small-to-medium Open Access scholarly book publishers and infrastructure providers, reducing the need for fees charged to authors. The OBC also fosters the sustainability of open infrastructures, such as repositories and book publishing software, that make high-quality Open Access books more widely discoverable. To learn more about the OBC, see our website and documentation site, especially our organizational model.

The OBC would like to invite OABN members and colleagues in any wider networks to complete our new Collective Development Fund Scoping Survey.

This survey is designed to help inform the way the Open Book Collective designs forthcoming grant funding calls for its ‘Collective Development Fund’. This fund will be issuing around £100,000 in grant funding between early 2024 and early 2026 to Open Access book publishers and infrastructure providers. One of its key aims is to support publishers, infrastructure providers and other organisations to build capacity to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of Open Access books.

The Collective Development Fund is funded from two sources: directly, from funders as part of the Open Book Futures project, as well as from our publisher and service provider members. The Open Book Collective allocates around half of the fees it charges publishers and infrastructure providers to the Collective Development Fund.

Who should complete the survey?

Everyone who has worked on and/or is planning a project connected to Open Access book publishing or infrastructure development is invited to complete the survey. We are interested in the views of stakeholders in all national contexts, including in the Global North but also beyond, including colleagues in Low and Middle Income Countries.

By seeking to involve stakeholder communities in the design of our grant funding programme, the Open Book Collective hopes to tailor its assistance to best meet the needs of Open Access scholarly publishers and infrastructure providers across the world.

At the end of the survey, we also ask participants if they would be interested in serving as a reviewer for potential future grant applications.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

What is the survey deadline?

The survey will close on January 20th, 2024.

To complete the survey, click here

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