The OA Book Usage Data Trust (OAEBUDT) effort is working towards addressing the challenge of aggregating and curating OA book usage (OAEBU) data by enabling community-governed sharing of quality, interoperable OAEBU data. Currently, they are developing the draft OA Book Usage Data Exchange and Stewardship Rulebook to specify the principlesRead More →

Can you believe it? The Open Access Books Network (OABN) turns three this year. It seems like it was only yesterday that we showed you our one-year achievement postcard with a sprouting spring onion on it. And as we enter year four of the network’s existence, we are no longerRead More →

The green PALOMERA logo.

This post offers the network an update on PALOMERA’s activities as it passes its first six-month milestone, including information about the OABN’s PALOMERA Series of workshops, and gives details about new ways to get involved with PALOMERA via a survey and further events.Read More →