The green PALOMERA logo.

The Open Access Books Network (OABN) is working with the PALOMERA project, a two-year initiative funded by HORIZON Europe that seeks to investigate why so few Open Access (OA) funder policies include OA books, and to provide actionable recommendations to change this.

We will be hosting a PALOMERA Series of events that will provide a forum for anyone interested in open access book publishing to:

  • engage with PALOMERA via the OABN, 
  • contribute your knowledge and expertise as the project progresses, 
  • offer feedback to help shape PALOMERA’s outputs and recommendations. 

We want to gather a broad group of representatives from different stakeholders in open access book publishing, as we did for our Voices from the OA Book Community workshop series in 2021, and enable you to contribute to the PALOMERA project via the PALOMERA Series.

Launch event

We will host a launch event on Tuesday 28 March at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST where you will hear from some of the project’s leaders, including Niels Stern (OAPEN/DOAB) and Ursula Rabar (OPERAS/OAeBU). You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the project and to let us know the best ways for you to engage with PALOMERA. The event will also be recorded.

Sign up for the launch event: it’s free and everyone is welcome! 

Please also share the link with anyone who might be interested.

Stay in touch

We will share details about future events in the PALOMERA Series via our Mailing List, our Twitter account, and our Events page, and we will also share project updates via our blog

More about PALOMERA

PALOMERA stands for Policy ALignment of Open access Monographs in the European Research Area, and the project brings together 16 partners from countries across Europe, co-led by OAPEN and OPERAS. It will run from January 2023 to December 2024, and it is funded by Horizon Europe as part of their call: Reforming and enhancing the European R&I System. The project seeks to understand why so few open access funder policies include books, and to provide actionable recommendations to change this. It will:

  • Collect and analyse a wide variety of data source related to open access book publishing and funder policies across geographies, languages, economies, and disciplines within the European Research Area (ERA), creating a Knowledge Base that will structure and make available knowledge to explain the challenges and bottlenecks that hold back open access to academic books.
  • Create a forum for funders to focus specifically on OA books and related issues.
  • Produce actionable recommendations and resources to support funder and institutional policies for OA books, with the overall objective of speeding up the transition to open access for books.
  • Address all relevant stakeholders (research funders and institutions, researchers, publishers, infrastructure providers, libraries, and national policymakers), facilitating co-creation and validation events throughout the project to ensure that the views and voices of all relevant stakeholders are represented.

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.