The first BoOkmArks live session will be held on October 1st at 16:00 CEST. During this session we will interview Eelco Ferwerda, Director at the OAPEN and DOAB Foundations, two platforms for open access books. On September 30th, OAPEN will launch the OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit, a unique resource for information on open access books. This blog post elaborates on the Toolkit and serves as a background for the session to be held on October 1st. Any comments or questions can be left in the comment section and shall be included in the Q&A session on October 1st.

This event has now taken place — you can view the recording here.

The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit is a free-to-access and stakeholder-agnostic resource. The toolkit aims to help authors better understand open access (OA) for books, increase trust in OA book publishing, provide reliable and easy-to-find answers to questions from authors, and to provide guidance in the process of publishing an OA book.

The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit offers a coherent set of more than 30 short articles addressing various topics related to open access books, such as:

  • What is open access?
  • Common misconceptions about open access
  • Copyright & licensing
  • Funding
  • Quality assurance
  • Publishing options
  • Discoverability & impact


The OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit is governed by a global team of stakeholders representing the research community, publishers, funders and research support. This toolkit strives to be an authoritative, credible and stakeholder-agnostic resource for users worldwide.

While the toolkit can be of use to many of the different stakeholders working on open access books, its creators’ main goal was to create a resource that could be consulted by authors. Having limited time, they may look for information at different stages in the research process. For this reason, the toolkit provides various points of entry. Users can navigate to relevant content via FAQs, a set of keywords, and a typical research life cycle. All articles are deliberately short in length and aim to provide clarity and information quickly, linking to additional information on a particular topic on the web for those interested in more details.

The toolkit’s authors trust that users will recognise its relevance and use it when thinking about open access books publishing, hopping in and out of the tool, retrieving information from it and consulting it whenever they have questions.

The  toolkit team has a number of plans for future additions in terms of features and content. On the 1st, in a live Q and A session with the OABN, Eelco Ferwerda will show the first version of the toolkit in a brief demo.


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This event has now taken place — you can view the recording here.


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