Welcome to the OA Books Network

The Open Access Books Network was born in 2019.

During the ElPub conference, a group of OA book experts — including members of SPARC Europe, OAPEN, OPERAS and ScholarLed — were discussing all things OA books over post-conference beers. If only we could do this more often, they thought!

Well here, they do.

A very warm welcome to everyone who would like to join our OA books community (if you are not yet a member, you are more than invited to join the conversation)!

We hope that this will be a space where we can test ideas and exchange information about the current issues in OA books, events to attend (physically or virtually) and texts to read and reflect upon. Whether you consider yourself a grizzled expert on OA book publishing, or if you’re just trying to find out more, please join the discussion boards, check out the events in the calendar, read the latest blog posts — and make this space your own.

Let us guide you through the site and how to use it.

Let’s talk

The discussion section is a place for animated discussions about OA books.. If you are interested in peer review, experimental publishing, business models, funding, or something completely different, please engage in a conversation. We have proposed several discussion threads, and we hope that you will add more of your own. Let us talk, let us agree, disagree and constructively irritate each other.  Share your thoughts, engage and stay courteous!

Let’s read

We will use the Files section to put together a crowd-sourced library containing literature on different aspects of OA books. If you come across a text that you think should be added to this list, be sure to upload it. All members are the collection’s curators in this space; the more we share, the more we know.

Let’s meet

Even if it is currently difficult to meet as a community in person, as most conferences move into a virtual space, there is still A LOT going on on the subject of OA books. We will be updating the event calendar to serve you the freshest selection of OA books-related  events. The calendar is open for edits, so don’t be shy and add the event you have in mind.

Big questions

To warm us all up a bit and get to know each other we have set up a discussion thread in which we ask all members TWO BIG questions. Check it out, we want to hear your voice!